Monday, October 28, 2013

Strong In Me

You are My loved one and you are My child.

The world you walk in is untamed; it is wild.

Roots on the path make you stumble and fall.

Voices will whisper and night owls will call.

Just know I have walked it, I know every bend.

And for every step you take, My grace I’ll send.

Just learn to access Me with eyes looking up.

I’ve water to give you; just hold out your cup.

I know that at times it is hard just to lift

Your arms up in order to receive My gift.

But if you will do this, and if you’ll oppose

The forces of evil that try to impose

Their will on your feelings; their thoughts on your mind,

I promise you there will be power you’ll find

working on your behalf that was there all along.

My child, I am telling you, in ME you’re strong!

It is true what My Word says. The enemy flees

At the sight of my warriors down on their knees

Entreating and calling on My holy Name.

He flees because he knows that now he’s fair game!

Then all of the darkness that tries to deceive

Returns to its haunts because YOU, child, BELIEVE!

So keep your eyes open. I’m not far, but near.

The moment you turn to Me, you’ll find I’m here.

Just KNOW that it’s true I’m at your beck and call.

I proved that to you when I gave you My all.

So call on My Name and receive what I died for.

Then My zeal will fill you to get what I cried for—

The children of Abraham scattered abroad

Gathered in the shadow of the wings of God!