Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Only Light

In light of the events in Connecticut and unspeakable loss and pain those families and community are feeling, I wanted to share a poem the Lord once gave me. I hope it will comfort us all.

Life can be so hard sometimes;
it can get so confusing
when deep down I know I've won,
but I still feel like I'm losing.
Oh, Lord, ain't it hard
hanging on a tree;
hanging on to knowing that
 it is a victory.
I hear talk of sunshine,
and I hear talk of rain.
I hear peals of laughter,
and I hear cries of pain.
I hear words of love rise up
above the sounds of war.
And, oh, Lord ain't it hard sometimes
remembering what it's for?
And I'd like to say I've got it straight,
but really, God, I don't.
 I'd like to find a peaceful place
in this world, but I won't.
And I'd just like to cry out to You
and tell you I can't see.
I'm walking blindly, God, by faith
that you are leading me.
And I don't know where I am going.
And I'm looking for whatever light is showing.
But, in this dear God, I thank You that I'm knowing...
You walked this earth.
You laughed and cried.
You felt the pain well up inside.
You lived, my God,
and then you died
hanging on a tree...
in victory.
You are the only light I can see.